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The Studio

Knowing that I was going to be spending so much of my time there; my goal was to and built a studio second to none.  As these pictures show, the space is spotless (and looks this way at the end of every day).  Equipped with four skylights and two large picture windows, the natural light atmosphere is an important tool to ensure that the end product will show true in any environment.  

So what about the tools? Well there isn't a woodturning tool known to man or woman that I have not tried or own. This studio is equipped with the best assortment available.  This extensive variety of implements allow me to expose subtle nuances inherent in each piece of wood.

The pure joy I feel every time I walk into this studio each morning has become an inspiration in and of itself.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces featured on this site, or commissioning a unique creation, you may Email the artist directly by filling out the information section on the CONTACT page. Thank you.

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